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About Us

I'm 48 my favorite things to do for fun, play minecraft and legos.. Me and my nephew are huge brick lego and minecraft fans.. Both are pretty much the same all you need is your imagination and your ready to create..

I have always made my nephews birthday party decorations. Last year I was on a different website, I had over 1500 sales and the best part is when the buyer sends me an email telling me their child and their friends loved the banner, invitation or party favor..:) The kids love their favorite characters from television or movies but unfortunately you can't find the party decorations that the child wants. I taught myself adobe creative suite and its a lot of fun creating something that's personalized for that child on his or her birthday. Parents just want their children to have a great birthday, spending time with their friends playing and making great memories that l will last a life time..

I have a full time job Mon-Fri, when I leave work my online job begins. My goal has always been to have personalized orders emailed to customers in 24hrs. or less. I only create digital files, email them to the customer and they print it. Some customer rather email the invitation than to print it themselves, they can do that because I only email jpeg files.. Below is the link to my facebook page I would love it if you would click on it and like us..:)